5 Features of a Good Capture Page


A capture page, also called a landing page, is the first page your website visitors see. It’s the make or break of your website. Poorly structured capture pages cause missed opportunities. Too many people who could be genuine leads turn away from your website.

All capture pages must have the following features. Without them, the capture page can’t serve it’s purpose.

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


What makes your product stand out? You must be able to clearly explain to the customer the unique value of your product or service. Create a one-sentence attention-grabber that adequately describes this value proposition.

A USP has 4 parts:

  • The main headline: The one sentence attention-grabber that’s the first thing people will see when they view the page.
  • The supporting headline: Supports the main headline so that you can keep the headline punchy and succinct. It’s written with a smaller font underneath the main headline.
  • The reinforcement statement: Located at the mid-way point of your page that emphasizes a point you want to bring across to readers.
  • The closing argument: Reinforce your main points and include a clear call-to-action.

The Hero Shot


Visuals matter. Images that represent what you’re offering must be included on your capture page. These images work well if they display the context in which the product or service is used. Images can be in pictures, animations, or videos. They just need to be clear enough to send the right message.

The Benefits


Remember that each USP element is essentially a one-liner. A summary of the benefits offered should be included under each aspect of the USP. The benefits should explain clearly what the customer gets from using the product or services. Benefits can be listed as:

  • Bullet points
  • Benefit statements and descriptions

Social Proof


Social proof is about showing that other people have used the product. People are more willing to purchase when they see that the product or service has worked for other people. It’s buyer psychology.

Customer testimonials and statistics on number of users are good ways to demonstrate social proof. Customer testimonials in the form of videos or images are more impactful than written testimonials. Don’t create fictional testimonials. Get feedback from real customers who genuinely love your product. Being genuine is appreciated.



All capture pages must have at least one clear call-to-action. The call-to-action represents the purpose of the page. What do you want customers to do after seeing the page?

How you design the call to action and where you place it is critical. CLICK HERE and SUBMIT aren’t effective call-to-actions. A call-to-action must clearly state what the customer is getting in exchange for the click. For example, GET YOUR FREE MARKETING GUIDE is a good call-to-action.


A landing page is an integral component of any digital marketing campaign. The team at No Nonsense Consulting can help you create an effective landing page. Contact us today.

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