5 Strong Ways to Build an Effective Content Creation System

Do you find consistent content creation challenging? You come up with this great content idea, put everything together, and then publish it with your fingers crossed, hoping it’ll do well.  Ideas don’t come so easily afterwards. It’s like you hit a brick wall! What do you do next?

Content creation isn’t about one-off bursts of inspiration. You won’t be able to effectively engage your audience this way. It requires careful planning, brainstorming and tracking of progress. You need a solid content creation system that makes consistent content production a breeze. Here’re 5 strategies that’ll make this happen.

Get Out Your Calendar!

Consistent content creation is often challenging because it’s done haphazardly. You need a clear plan. Section your calendar into quarters. For each quarter, create a content theme.

This overarching theme should then be broken into sub-themes for each month. You can then decide the type of content you want to produce on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis based on the theme. All content should follow a logical path that leads potential customers down your sales funnel.

Consider an education company. Let’s call it EduLead. The company wants to get more students to sign up for its online leadership camp. So, for the first quarter their content plan could look something like this.

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Form a Team

Flying solo can work to your disadvantage. Having a team of content creators makes brilliant ideas more possible. If the team is led by a strong content marketing manager, great things can happen.

Teams can brainstorm, collaborate and make something good even better. They’ll keep track of how effective the content is at generating leads. Adjustments will then be made as necessary.

Use Current Events

Current events provide perfect themes for content. The trick is to ensure that you link the event to your brand’s message. Possible questions you could answer include:

  1. What stance does the brand take on this issue/event?
  2. Is it an issue/event worth aligning the brand with?
  3. How does the issue/event relate to what the brand already does?

Writing about a current event early enough in the game can make your content more visible. The longer you wait, the more you’ll be left behind.

Revitalize Existing Content

Some content has received good traction on your website. It doesn’t have to die. You can repurpose existing content by adding updated information and fresh perspectives. It’s a great way to make use of what you already have.

Watch Your Competitors

Paying attention to your competitors is important. Check out their website and social media pages and note the content that receives the most interaction. Try to answer these questions:

  1. What about this content made it perform well?
  2. What are customers saying in the comments?
  3. What can my brand offer that is different and better?


Content creation doesn’t have to be difficult. You can create powerful content for your brand if you use these 5 strategies well. Need help? Contact our team of content creation experts. We’ll create a plan that works.

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