3 Winning Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Money is tight. All small business owners can attest to this statement. You read articles and watch videos explaining how important digital marketing is for cementing your brand’s online presence. However, it all seems so costly. Hiring a digital marketing consultant, creating quality content, and running paid promotions can put your head in a tizzy.

What if we told you that it isn’t that expensive, that digital marketing can fit into almost any budget? There are several ways to get the quality you need without breaking the bank. Some of the strategies we present will require greater time investment from you. However, coupling your efforts with those of our trained digital marketing consultants will pay off.

Create a Free WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the leading blog and website creation platforms. It provides a good way for you to enter the digital marketing world. We can help you create a seamless WordPress blog with the basic website pages. You can then create and publish your own blog posts or hire one of our experienced content writers.

The key with blogging is to ensure consistency and quality. It’s important to have a content schedule and stick to it. This may mean creating a large volume of articles at times when you’re free and scheduling them for posting.

It’s also important to link these blog posts to your social media accounts. WordPress offers a social media sharing tool. You can also use scheduling platforms such as Buffer and HubSpot to schedule posts for already published articles. Putting more content on social media expands your reach. This leads to the next point.

Create a Business Page on Social Media Platforms

Your brand needs its own social media presence. Don’t link your blog to your personal social media profiles. Instead, create business pages on your platforms of choice and link those to your blog. People who engage with your content need to be able to clearly associate the company behind it.

One of your concerns may be getting people to like or follow the business page. You can increase followers and likes by sharing your posts from your business page to your personal page. Friends and family who are genuinely interested in your content will like and share it.

Boosting Facebook Business page posts is also an option. However, you must be very careful with your targeting for these posts. Poor targeting and wording of the posts results in overspending and completely blowing your budget.


Team Up with Businesses to Host Online Events

Partner to build authenticity. There are other businesses that sell products or services that support what you offer. For instance, a clothing site may know a local shipping business that allows customers to get their products in record-time at a lower price.

You can team up with these companies to host Twitter chats or Facebook, Snap Chat or Instagram live video sessions. Podcasts and webinars are also viable options. The point is to share new information that establishes your brand as an authority in the field.


It’s possible to market your brand online on a budget. These 3 strategies can be highly effective if done correctly. Speak with one of our experts today to determine how your tight budget can support these strategies.

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