Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Your Brand?

Three billion. That’s the projected number of global social media users by 2021. That’ll be about 38 percent of the projected world population. Taking it back to present-day America we see that 81 percent of Americans had a social media profile in 2017. These statistics portray the goldmine of marketing opportunities social media provides.

However, the large audience is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media provides numerous opportunities for strengthening your brand’s digital presence. Here’s how.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media’s ability to reach numerous people bodes well for inbound marketing. All your social media profiles hep you reach customers outside of your loyal customer base. Social media campaigns can include a link to a relevant capture page on your website. This capture page can further provide you with leads for your email marketing initiatives.

This underscores the importance of having a variety of social media profiles. Two to three is usually a good number. The variety helps you reach consumers of different demographics. For instance, you’ll find more young adults and teenagers on Snap Chat and Instagram than you would find on LinkedIn.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) combines various strategies. However, it essentially boils down to the quality of your content and how effectively you use keywords and keyword phrases, as well as backlinks.  Using the right keywords and content on your social media pages improves your chances of ranking better in search engines.

Quality content also helps people find your social media page. The more people who find and like or follow your page, the greater your organic audience. Large organic reach makes social media marketing ten times easier.

Provide Opportunities to Meaningfully Engage

Traditional advertising is unidirectional. Advertisers bombard viewers and listeners with content meant to sell rather than engage. Social media, on the other hand, provides a platform for producing content that engages your target audience.

People can leave comments, like and share your posts. You can create conversations about issues that matter. The more meaningful content you share is the more you show people what your brand stands for and cares about. It’s adding a human element to your branding.

Meaningful engagement also improves your brand’s credibility. People who questioned the authenticity of your brand will feel more at-ease when they see you responding to comments, posting live videos, and engaging meaningfully with followers. Engagement is valuable.

Increase Brand Loyalty

This follows from the previous point. The content you share, and your responses to customers’ comments and messages, on social media makes your brand relatable. Dan Gingiss, a Marketing and Consumer Experience executive, states that personalizing customer interaction on social media increases their loyalty. Their loyalty improves word-of-mouth advertising and ultimately leads to more customers.

Personalizing the customer’s experience requires timely responses to their online queries and comments. Time may not allow you to complete this task alone, especially as your social media presence grows. Hiring a digital marketing consultant, therefore, becomes a necessity.

Free Market Research

Social media profiles with large follower-bases provide strong market research opportunities. There’s no better group of people to get insights from than those who are already interested in your brand. Insights can be garnered through:

  • Posting polls and surveys
  • Identifying the topics and type of content that get the most engagement
  • Analyzing the demographics of your followers


A strong digital marketing campaign can’t be created without a strong social media presence. Social media profiles add authenticity to your brand and boost organic reach.  Contact a social media marketing expert at No Nonsense Consulting for more information today.

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