4 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Has digital marketing become too popular? Every day we mindlessly scroll through our social media pages and are bombarded by articles, videos and images vying for our attention. Some content inevitably gets lost in the mix.

The digital market is saturated. Entrepreneurs must make their content stand out now more than ever. There’s no room for mistakes. Identifying common digital marketing mistakes from the onset can help you master digital marketing and make more money. Five of the most common digital marketing mistakes are outlined in this article.

Focusing on Quantity of Content Instead of Quality

It is true that content should be posted regularly to increase engagement. However, it’s better to have fewer high-quality pieces that a copious amount of irrelevant content. It’s important to know how to use content marketing effectively.

This makes hiring a digital marketing professional even more important. An experienced digital marketing professional can create a detailed content marketing plan. A good content marketing plan has themes outlined for each quarter of the year. Content is produced based on those themes. Variety and quality are the focus.

Ignoring Relevant News Items

Ginny Mineo from Hubspot highlights important results from a content marketing industry survey. This survey underscored the fact that people engage more with newsworthy content. They pay attention to what’s trending.

Let’s use Black Panther as an example. The movie has taken the world by storm with a global box office revenue of 1 billion USD. It has become a symbol of unity and hope for the black community. It’s message strongly resonated around the world and several websites piggybacked on its success. A #blackpantherchallenge was even created.

Linking your business to themes arising from the Black Panther movie could have given your content more views and engagements. That’s sometimes all it takes to create something that goes viral.

Focusing too Much Attention on the Wrong Digital Marketing Platforms

Some digital marketing platforms and strategies work better for certain businesses than others. You may be spending too much time trying to build a social media presence when the nature of your business calls for more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

For instance, Facebook marketing only works if you know how to do it well. It works best for products that people will readily gravitate to; products that require little background knowledge. Think about it. You’re more likely to click a Facebook ad that sells clothing or some cool new product than you are to click on an ad that’s selling content writing. A content writer would earn a greater ROI by focusing on SEO.

Ignoring What the Data Says

Data doesn’t lie. A digital campaign shouldn’t be created to run aimlessly. A digital marketing consultant should consistently track its progress and pay attention to what the data is saying. A failing campaign can be spotted in its early stages. Adjustments can then be made to avoid unnecessary spending. Use Google Analytics, social media analytics, and your website’s analytics tools to gain insight and make informed decisions.


Digital marketing campaigns only work if these mistakes are avoided. You want to get the best value for your money. The experienced No Nonsense Consulting team knows how to get the most bang for your buck. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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