How to Create a Website that Delivers Results

A website is the cornerstone of your brand’s digital presence. If it doesn’t make the right first impression, you’ll lose potential customers. Digital marketing consultants create strong websites; websites that are timeless and impactful.  This article presents some of their best kept secrets for creating websites that turn leads into customers.

Create a Consistent Design

Consumers crave consistency. A website that is mismatched and difficult to navigate is an immediate turnoff. Apple’s website is a classic example of effective consistency. The website has a simplistic design that gives each product the right spotlight. This simplicity is evident on every page of the website.

Declutter your website! Use the right color combination. Make it appealing. Ensuring that these things happen may delay the official launch of your website. However, the delay is better than presenting a website that people won’t want to visit.

Make It Highly Responsive

HubSpot, one of the leading digital marketing platforms states that “55 percent of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website.”  Shaun Anderson from Hobo further states that site speed is becoming a website ranking factor at Google. He cites a direct quote from Google which states that 2 seconds is an acceptable load time for an ecommerce website.

Consumers are impatient. They won’t wait around for long hoping for your page to load. You can increase site load speeds by:

  • Using images optimized for internet use
  • Avoiding the use of external scripts such as ads and font loaders
  • Using a properly configured web host

A highly responsive website gives potential customers less of an excuse to avoid leave your website.

Curate Effective Blog Content

Content is what makes the digital world spin. Potential and existing customers must be drawn to your website. That’s the purpose of your content. In other words, your content is the bait that reels the customers in.

Well-written blogs that effectively utilize SEO strategies are crucial for your website. These blogs should include the right mixture of words, images and videos. People need variety. It’s a digital marketing consultant’s responsibility to ensure that your website has relevant and useful content.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Websites that don’t work well on mobile devices greatly irk customers. It’s pointless to have a website that works perfectly on a PC but is difficult to use on a mobile device.  This is especially true when the devices consumers use to interact with websites are considered.

An infographic created by Statista shows that worldwide mobile e-commerce sales rose to 1.36 trillion USD in 2017. That’s a 39 billion USD over the previous year. Mobile e-commerce sales in 2017 represented 58.9 percent of all e-commerce sales.

Your customers will more likely find your website on a mobile device than on a desktop. Therefore, your website must be optimized for mobile devices. You’ll lose sales if it isn’t.


These 4 elements comprise the secret formula for creating an effective website. Trying to create these features on your own is futile. Hire an experienced web development professional from No Nonsense Consulting. You’ll get results.

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